Did you enjoy our week off? Big doublestuff post today with things I wanted to deliver last week. Can't stop, won't stop.

Have a good weekend!



Bad guy training HQ.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

Every RPG and MMO. The truest truth you'll see today.

Could you and your partner pass a US immigration test?

Every Pharrell song. Cannot unhear once heard.

Before they were on Game of Thrones.

Thrones kids. lol-worthy.

Law and Thrones.

GIF of the week.

You named your baby what?!?

Last Man on the Moon looks like a must-see.

Coachella lost and found. I spy a toilet brush ??

I’m losing my mind over this interview with Jack White on his new album Lazaretto.

Have you guys seen the show Orphan Black? Can't stop binge-watching. It's fantastic!

A whole bunch of HBO shows are on amazon prime! Yesssss.

Which Adventuretime char are you? Princess Bubblegum.

This book just made my summer wishlist.

Timewaster of the day: Sound Switches.

Every couple deciding what to watch.

Ray Bradbury’s house is for sale.


Earth from space.

Corgi anatomy.

Well, that’s adorable.

The Hancock tilt. NOPE.

When I can’t connect to the internet.

Trailer for the new Disney movie Big Hero 6.

1 random dude + 2 random dudes = magic jam. Ugh, all the feels.

What are the most unforgettable technological sounds? Dial-up is the soundtrack to my college career. Memories.

Netflix needs to start delivering on these false promises.

Dracula’s maybe-castle up for sale. Halvsies?

54% of the us population lives here.

Describing Pac Man is rough stuff.