Have a good weekend!


Duck Tales, oo-ooh!-oo.

All I see now is wrong-noses :(.

The Lego Simpsons trailer is here!

Ladies and gentlement, your cast for Star Wars VII.

K, it's probably time to stage an intervention for the Cronut guy.

A whole generation of gaming in one, far too small, photo. What? Really?

Perhaps the dream of adopting your very own baby dinosaur is closer than you think.

What is a photocopier? The NYT Opinion section has started staging courtroom dramatizations. (Re-read that sentence 3 times.)

What did they unearth in the Atari Landfill? Definitely stuff. And maybe some things.

For the love of all that's holy do not let Michael Bay anywhere near Yoshi.

This was my favorite thing this week, and obviously yours too.

NASA has a new space suit thanks to you.

Faceswaps are always a good time.

A lip-sync battle for the ages.

Unusual laws, visualized.

The night over half dome.

Pix from inside a former KGB headquarters.

Science fiction --> Science fact. It's all happening!

That awkward moment when you realize you're on camera and PANIC!

Sounds like SyFy is preparing The Magicians for tv, and I for one support this project. It's a fun read.

I'd like to throw my money at one of these, thx.

The 1900 Paris World's Fair in full color.

Here's the trailer for a movie that took 12 years to make.

Behind-the-scenes photos from some of your favorite tv shows.

This hoodie might seem a little pricey, but it's reversible.

How to see without glasses. What is this sorcery...

ACNL Mayor Liam Neeson is The Law.