Have a good weekend!


Changing passwords in a nutshell.

Who’s the worst wedding planner? Obvious.

Are these the best 100 best animated movies? I still watch Fantastic Mr. Fox.

If these proposed skyscrapers ever get built  it would be something.

50 most frustrating moments in video games.

This guy trying to climb a fence is Life.

The final X-Men trailer!

Cats vs. Dogs.


Man hands.

Manners first.

If Disney made Breaking Bad.

How Frozen should have ended.

Find Momo. Where’s Waldo with dogs!

Wikipedia entires made more reasonable. I’d like to leave a tip.

A statistical analysis of the work of Bob Ross. Happy little trees, indeed.

This is a life skill I tried really hard to obtain. Alas, it was never meant to be.

The first trailer for Gone Girl is out in the wild and everyone is losing their minds.

You only have 9 minutes until your brain reboots, no pressure.

Desktop wallpaper of the week: Spacewalk.

Google admits to daydreaming about...

Landmarks, zoomed out.

The Matrix will always be perfect  in my heart.

Mark your calendars: LEGO Simpsons is coming soon.