Have a good weekend!


How To Train Your Dragon v2.3.0!

The $1m truck of your 4-year old dreams.

Local news bloopers, the March 2014 edition.

Things I would wish upon my enemies, partie deux.

Game of Thrones recapped by people who have never seen it.

This version of the Game of Thrones theme song will get stuck in your head.

Clothing of the future, as described from 1893. Jester shoes feel like such a missed opportunity.

Speaking of Thrones, GRRM stopped by Weekend Update. Of course he did! ♥

Have you watched the hands-on video with Fortnite? I want to play this now.

Insane GIFs from the weird new 3DS game is a good thread.

Did you know UPS trucks almost never turn left?

How they take their coffee around the world.

A bunch of good songs from 2014, so far.

Kickstarter of the week: 3D printer.

K, this is my spirit animal today.

Wine-osaurus Rex.

GIF of the week, I.

GIF of the week, II.

Your next LEGO obsession, obvy.

Dragons cannot be tamed, Khaleesi.

The most adorable hedgehog you'll see all week.

This makes me very, very, very, very, very, very nervous.

The Clueless Gamer goes big time. Literally.

Trailer for the movie Chef. Gimme.

Craft beer name generator.

First rollercoaster. Smile!