Have a good weekend!


Somebody marry them already!

Everyone ready for Game of Thrones this weekend? Here are a few links to get you in the mood: this Valar Morghulis tee, the honest Thrones trailer, some things you probably didn't know about the series (spoilery), annnnnd the coup de gras a Thrones inspired menu.

Once again, the Internet comes to the rescue. Michael Bay, say you're sorry.

St. Vincent was on Portlandia and I laughed cuz I think I know that guy.

I also know this guy.

Hero hideouts!

Gravity, fixed.

Jupiter Ascending has a new trailer.

A Shaun the Sheep movie is coming!

Is Scarlett Johansson in everything right now? I'm okay with that.

Annnnnd now Society 6 is doing rugs. The beauty of living solo is nobody will argue with me when I bring this guy home.

George Lucas on the birth of the lightsaber. True story: my brother made me think it was called a "lighsaver" until I was old enough to know better.

This guy is breathing new life into old paintings thanks to The Force.

This was my favorite thing on Tuesday. Now if only they made Thane...

Wait, no, this was my favorite thing on Tuesday.

Presented without comment.

What?! Is this real?

Jersey fail.

A day of LAX takeoffs.

This animation of the Chile tsunami.

Louis C.K. was on SNL and I forgot to watch :(.

Making the 2014 NCAA Men's Final Four basketball court.

Lost a bunch of time yesterday reading Goat Simulator user reviews.

Rick Rubin on Russell Simmons, 99 Problems, and Licesned To Ill. I have a secret music-crush on Rick Rubin and now you +1 thing about me.

Mobile distractions of the week: Monument Valley and FTL.

What if real clothes had vidgame stats?

Isolated vocals is a good subreddit.