Have a good weekend!


Naughty dog not allowed on the bed is…adorable.

Look at this link after you've eaten because I refuse to keep it to myself.

How do I convince the powers that be we need this carpet installed in GI headquarters?

Random thing I keep meaning to share: I love my Star Wars spatulas. I have the storm trooper and R2D2 (that appears to be discontinued).

So many movie trailers to share today. Did you know there's a Peanuts movie on the way? Then there's Maze Runner, The Giver, The Signal (hnnnng), Transcendence, and Maleficent.

I didn't watch this for 3 days and then I did with my fingers in front of my eyes.

I want to live in a world where this is how I get to work.

Some random things you didn't know about sleep.

Someone buy this sweatshirt. Please.

Would you wear a smartwatch?

It's official: Incredibles 2 is on the way!

My husband’s stupid record collection A-Z.

What if Superman had a GoPro? I'd watch that.

Finnish Name Generator. Sure why not, these are always fun: Virva Kangas.

I saw the new Wes Anderson movie The Grand Budapest Hotel last night and loved it (and its killer soundtrack)! Related thing going around the internet: the symmetry of Wes Anderson.

Nerd alert: Nate Silver, the guy who made a name for himself for being good with a stat, launched his new site and it's already in my daily reads list.

This horror short will have you sleeping with the lights on all weekend. Warning! Warning! Consider yourselves warned.

This guy got scammed out of a PS3, but it's okay because he's exacting the best kind of revenge.

Because you've always wanted to know what sneezing into a trombone sounds like.

Time scored a rare interview with Jony Ive. Loved this.

A simple and clever way to hang posters.

If iconic vehicles were transformers...

Puppybutts. Smile, it's Friday.

The family Tabasco.

The honest Kickstarter.

The mother of Wheel of Fortune hail marys.

10 outrageous bloody marys. Really? Really?

Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon do a duet. This one is gonna get to you whether you like it or not.