Have a good weekend!


What if history was as confusing as Game of Thrones?

I kind of want to get this Titanfall poster for the office. It matches my everything!

My loot policy in every game. You guys don't even want to see my packs in various MMOs, seriously.

Society 6 is doing shower curtains now too, and they are so very very very cool.

Are video games a passing fad? 1982 wants to discuss.

25 great unscripted moments in film.

GIF of the week.

Something for the ladies.

The Thrones intro, remade.

The honest trailer for...Mario Kart.

Game of Thrones is on the cover of April's Vanity Fair!

The animated version of McSweeney's classic Ballad of a Wifi Hero.

Finally! A reason to bring back transparencies! Uh oh...did I just age myself?

The newest Vine thing is actually pretty funny. I am a sucker for delightful moments.

I went to the Oscars and nobody cared. Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend, who caught her infamous fall, reports from the red carpet.

Open letter to Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm: feel free to photobomb me whenever you want. Whenever. When. Ever. Whennnnnn evvvverrrrrrrr.

How to clean a coffee maker (the right way). Embarrassed to admit mine was wayyyy overdue, but as of this morning my coffee tastes like mana from heaven. Mmm.

This website is giving you the gift of a spaceship a week.

The browser game where you design your own subway!

I should get one of these tees in at least 2 colors.

Grumpy Cat finally finds his place in life.

A real life ice wall.

Photos from the 2014 Paralympics.

This smartphone stand made me smile.

Which board game should I play? A handy guide.

K, just one more Cumberbatch link and now I'm done.