Current mission: finding the rest of the Pants in the Lego Movie Videogame and pre-ordering Watch Dogs (again).

Have a good weekend!


11 jobs that no longer exist.

This Titanfall commercial tickles me.

A rap album is coming. And that first track doesn't suck!

You've all seen the new Transformers 4 trailer, of course you have.

Every once in a while someone in the office alerts me to a GI jem that came before my time, like the time Gwar was in the office to try out the Kinect. Today it was Bryan's turn to share this vid of Dan in a Professor Genki suit crashing the Skyrim launch. Ennnnnnd scene.

I'm not telling you what this link is so it can be a surprise.

Jurassic Park made better? Freagin' a.

Hold on to your butts...

Furniture is hard. puppy.

One word: Steadman.

The making of hobbits in barrels.

Portlandia's history of hip hop sketch is precious.

The Game Frame would be a great add to the GI office!

I wonder if Lupita Nyong'o knows the Internet has already picked out her next job.

How your popcorn sausage is made.

This guy wins the Selfie Of The Week Award.

Surely there's a good use for the face stamp I haven't thought of yet.

Two good tees: Pizza Major and the saddest At At.

This guy can do all the Simpsons.

Superman vs. Alien.

Wild pizza.

Onion headline of the week.