This week's installment of What's On My Media Shelf?:

Lego Lord of the Rings, Lego Movie Video Game, House of Cards, and a horrible romcom about time travel that I wish I could take back. Gotta work on something to wash out the memory of that movie over the next few days.

Have a good weekend!


Bouillabaisse Crumplehorn.

Best birdfeeder ever ever ever ever EVER.

This is how your first-person sausage is made.

We're building iron man! Hahaha not really. But maybe!

Jeff Gordon you are my new favorite person in the whole wide world.

Hollywood and Washington meet. Awkwardly. GIF of the week.

The verdict is in: always buy the bigger pizza. Let's celebrate with pizza!

Could spritz reading be legit? I kind of want to try this!

Looks like there's a Minecraft movie in our future.

Ben & Jerry's has 5 new flavors. I'd eat that.

Oh jeez, I hadn't thought of this.

A history of video game console commercials.

Confessions: I kind of want to see this new show Silicon Valley.

RIP Harold Ramis :(. A few good links if you are a fan like me: an oral history of ghostbusters and 12 minutes of story time.

Pretty nerdy but deserving of a link: first person zelda on the oculus rift.

What the world needs now is moar drones.


Check please.

Polar vortexd!

Trans..for.mers. Oh.

9 steep residential streets.

A love note to 90s web designers. Tear.

This egg cup is good for a chuckle.

As is this bottle opener.