An interesting thing happened in 2014...

It turns out I've been reading a ton (about a book a week? who am I?) and my latest trophy is Ready Player One. Have you guys read this? Do you have a pulse and like video games and read this blog? Put this in your shopping cart right now, I promise you'll love it!

Have a gd weekend!


Happy Valentine's Day.

If superheroes could text...

Movies vs. Real Life, partie deux.

The LEGO movie blooper reel is precious.

Hoth moguels takes the Olympics to the next level.

Things I WOULD wish upon my enemies. Cat barf next to the bed.

Something to make for your Valentine this weekend: the lazy person's scrambled eggs. You could probably get a few cups of coffee in while this is happening.

South Park: The Stick of Truth gameplay footage is making me want to plaayyyyy.

De La Soul is giving away albums for free today this weekend.

Also free! Get Dungeon Keeper through the weekend.

Actors doing impressions of other actors.

Cat selfies. Obvious, but still good.

Pair skating...without the men.

Everyday life GIFs.

Footage from the 1932 Winter Olympics.

Conan's version of "The Walking Dead" ... gimme!

Bill Murray's interview with Charlie Rose is worth a watch.

Can you spot the camouflaged snipers in these photos? Uh no.

The world's tallest dog is more expensive than having a boyfriend.

Do you like the Threes music as much as I do? You can download it here for pay or free.

In another life I'm fearless and joining these 2 on their adventure climbing the world's tallest building.

Oh that's nice, a Victorian mansion up for sal--ohmygod photo #19!

Try to watch this video without reading the caption, k?

The 2014 Westminster Dog Show.

Forgotten Apple device designs.