Have a good weekend!


Movies made nicer. 

More Bad NFL Lipreading!

Biggest timewaster this morning?: The gifys.

Things we do in video games that would be creepy IRL.

The trailer for the movie that is scaring god and everyone at Sundance, The Babadook.

1860's-inspired photos of celebrities at Sundance. I didn't even recognize some of them!

I really enjoyed 11 Great Impressions By Saturday Night Live Hosts, especially Katie Holmes and Linda Tripp.

Textbook vandalism is always encouraged here.

I can’t stop watching this guy’s magic Vines.

Behold: the video game art archive.

INXS + Arcade Fire.

Timely: Robocup.

This corkscrew is worthy of a link.

Bill Murray AMA hits all the right notes. 

The trailer for Lust for Love, aka Wheedonverse!

Photographs from the golden age of bridge building.

Elvis Presley's abandoned tiki paradise. Aw.

The Best Of Mcsweeney's is now a book.

GoT-inspired Japanese fan art.

More unbelievable spreads.

Space selfies.

Horror transformations.

Call of Duty still makes great ads.

The upper Michigan blizzard of 1938 !!!

The many faces of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Did you guys see the US Olympic Team's Opening Ceremony outfits? .......

Home interior ideas?, or You have too much money and are out of your mind ideas?

Don't mean to alarm you, but it's probably time to buy a Valentine's Day card and these made me laugh.

I very nearly purchased this as a gift but didn't. Someone should!