Didn't get to game that much this week* and I owe it all to re-runs of The Wire.

Basically I'm binging on all kinds of tv right now, including Top Chef and American Horror Story and Portlandia, instead of finishing Mass Effect 3. I did clear off a significant chunk of my weekend for this task, but the truth is I don't want it to end.

Before I go, have you guys seen Bertz's How Can Nintendo Convince You To Buy A Wii U discussion? My coffee and I are glued to the comments this morning. Good stuff.

Have a good weekend!

*excluding ACNL, obviously



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Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew released a crapton of his own behind-the-scenes Star Wars photos. <drool>

Your essential guide to sci-fi and fantasy books arriving in 2014. They forgot the next Outlander book...uh, not that I'd know anything about that or anything.

Backstage polaroids at the Golden Globes. I volunteer for that job next year!

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