This will go down as the week I killed Mass Effect 2, very nearly killed Mass Effect 3 (party at my house tonight!), am in the middle of killing Papers, Please, and ohmygod I'm still playing Animal Crossing? Yeap, I am still playing Animal Crossing (really).

Hope you're catching up on some post-holiday titles too.

Have a good weekend!


Have you seen the creepy new Old Spice ad? Nooo.

The Nerdy Nummies blooper reel is quite entertaining.

These photographs of frozen lighthouses are unbelievable.

Jerry Seinfeld did a Reddit AMA and it is fantastic.

The making of Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981.

7 minutes of Sterling Archer one-liners.

Winning at hide-and-seek.

Which headline is real?

Kickstarter, 2013.

Handheld <3

It's me you want.

Just look at this hipster!

These minifigs are good enough to eat.

Best and worst media corrections of 2013.

Mark your calendar: Game of Thrones returns April 6th!

Nerd PSA. Related: finally made a dent on season 1 of Portlandia. So funny.

Sherlock Holmes spoils everything. Sherlock spoilers, every tv series spoilers, click at your own risk.

The Simpsons pay tribute to Hayao Miyazaki.

The mind-bogglery of a knuckleball in-flight.

Burdened with glorious purpose.

Thrones propoganda posters.

This is some tattoo.

Every cocktail bar menu ever.

A whole ton of Google's secrets all in one vid.