This is your final call for gift ideas. It's almost that time!

The most surprising game update this week is that I started playing CoD Ghosts on a lark and was completely sucked in. Previous CoDs never held me but the Ghosts story is well done and, well, the dog is a cheap and clever trick that totally does it for me. Super fun!

Have a wonderful holiday!


How To Train Your Dragon 2. I am sooOOoOoooOoo excited to see this!

Celebrities re-imagined as classic paintings.

Cooking with Lemmy like you do.

This is absolutely bonkers.

80's movie lego figs.

Is this the best golf shot of 2013?

What if Assassin's Creed was a Disney movie?

Winners of the 2013 National Geographic photo contest.

How to make cookies when you're going to die alone held me until the very end.

Google posts its Top 10 video game searches of 2013. No surprise at #1, but #2 did surprise me just a little.

Man emerges from bunker 14 years after Y2K. Wow. Oh no, looks like this is a fake!

A year in the life of Royal Albert Hall.

How to eat sushi fyi.

OMG cats in space.

The official Star Wars tumblr.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer.

Someone made a full size working car out of Legos what.

This trailer for "Welcome To Yesterday" had me at "Producer Michael Bay."

This is your final call for gift ideas and then we're back to boring old link lists!