I got a little carried away collecting gift links this week. Oops! Sure hope you're not done shopping so you can take advantage of the extra ideas.

Last night I booted up Forza and yyyeaaaah. Sucked in instantly. Even my non-gaming guy couldn't resist the siren song of shiny metal and gear shifting. I suspect I'll lose a lot of my weekend to that and um, Lego Marvel Superheroes which I am ridiculously excited to play.

Have a good weekend!


The lost art of cassette design. <3

Background actor FAIL.

Dinosaurs wtf?

Faces in things.

The year in movie trailers.

The year in video games, in under 2 minutes.

The year in pop music. Godyes. I love this crap.

Have you voted for your favorite games of 2013 yet? Do eet.

Tumblr's year in review. Ugh, say goodbye to the next 30 minutes of your life.

You guys, I'm worried about Jon Snow in "Pompeii" cuz it has the dreaded February release date :(.

The Hobbit somehow works as Mean Girls.

Yule log animations to get you in the mood.

Awful christmas music is truly awful.

Han's blaster is up for auction.

This ad for a ring.

Pokemon cards?! Pokemon cards!

The trailer for "Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Conan gives a great interview about Clueless Gamer.

Ron Burgundy showed up to co-anchor the news in North Dakota this week.

The forever Pillow is a real thing. For when you want to have a nap party with your friends!

The secret underground recording rooms of Capitol Studios. In 1956, Les Paul designed eight subterranean "reverb" rooms for recording.

City in the clouds. A rare and lovely moment.

The world has a new largest gingerbread house.

50 things millennials have never heard of. Ouch.

The modern christmas list. Kids these days.

Bowser's minions. Still a classic.

Just the stares from Twilight.

And finally...some gift ideas from 1984.