Is everyone at home this weekend playing their new PS4? I'm still content in my decision to bail on the pre-order, but I am glued to the coverage like crazy. Everything looks fantastic!

Just gonna sit back and take it all in the next few months while I play A Link Between Worlds and contemplate a Wii U if a supersale hits (seriously).

Have a good weekend!


I can't stop watching this guy's vine vids.

This week on South Park: the great divide.

More terrifying than "Gravity"? Alfonso Cuaron's IKEA.

Rupee, a former stray, made everyone a dog lover this week.

Noisli. A background noise generator for work or sleep (or while I make this post, which is a lovely cocktail of thunderstorm, fireplace and coffee shop).

Did you know Thanksgiving and Hanukkah overlap this year? The next time will be in the year 79811.

Clever dog portraits are not clever, no, they’re adorable.

The honest trailer for "Man of Steel." But my god, what a beefcake.

Are you left brained or right brained? Bah! 50/50.

Movie mashups I can get into.

Best drops ever. Stay with it.


Darth Fabulous.


Thumbs for guns.

A swing at the end of the world.

Animals from history. Oh— Oh my.

The first trailer for “Maleficent” has arrived.

Best astronaut — scratch that — best professional portrait ever taken. Ever.

The 50 best tv shows to watch on Amazon prime: FREE. This link is more for me really, since I always forget I have prime and access to this stuff.

Dino-wallpapers. If even one of you clicks on this link and it will have been worth it.

American football logos in the style of European soccer badges.

Gift ideas this week? I have them.