I made you a link post and then I accidentally deleted it and then I made this face. Instead of curling up under my desk with a blanket and unplugging from the internet I made you this new, much lesser post.

Did I miss anything? I did and I'll be thinking of those things all weekend. In the meantime leave your best finds in the comments and help a girl out!

Next time I'm backing this thing up in triplicate, ad infinitum.


Whyyyyyyyyy would you play slaps with Khal Drogo? And yet, how could you not?

“Hey girl…”  A little something for the ladies.

A fantastic halloween costume for if you toddle through life.

I dare you to watch this video with an even heart rate and dry palms.

45 photos that take the horror out of classic horror movies.

Do you think any wookies were harmed in the making of this sofa?

Cap-tainnnnnnn Amerrrrrrr-icahuhuhuhuhuh. [maybe that joke only works in my mind]

Tom Hiddleston does Samuel L. Jackson as Loki because he’s on a roll and he’s amazing.

A new trailer for “Anchorman 2″? Don’t mind if I do.

Kanye West is the gift that keeps on giving.

Why does my body do that?, pt II.

Halloween appropriate tatt.

What to look for in a man.

This halloween art is incredible.

The haunting remains of the Virginia Renaissance Festival. Nature wins.

Places in the UK, or high minded british insults?

3 minutes to a proper British accent.

Nice cup, bro.

Overlay attached Taylor Swift.

Honest slogans.

Oh, Benedict.