Whew, we made it through another week of video game announcements.

Suddenly feeling rightly justified for buying that 3DS this summer considering all the entertainment it's provided. Yay justification!

Have a good weekend!


Game of Thrones gets the Bad Lipreading treatment and it's so good I figure the only place they can go after this is to Breaking Bad (prettyplease).

You know how, just, when you have this day? I have this day often.

Terrible real estate agent photos. Nailed it.

GTA V Battle Royale. Omgyes.

Sad etsy boyfriends are sad.

Space shuttle prints.

Skull eggs.

Led Zepplin’s starship.

That is one seriously fluffy bunny.

List of Star Wars & Indiana Jones easter eggs.

Sleep catnea. Do they make a cream for this? I have a severe case.

When it's Saturday night and I'm playing GTA V post-libations and it's just like...

Photos from the tippy top of the Golden Gate bridge. Have a fear of heights? Definitely look at these.

Incredible detailed pix of creatures beneath the sea. I do not have the hutzpah for a career in dangerous underwater photography, nope, and I’m okay with that.

Kevin Smith talks Superman. A long watch but if you’re even a remote fan of Superman or Kevin Smith it’s super worth it.

Big A** Spider ...see what I did there?

Superheroes inserted into famous works of art.

The most difficult hole of golf in the world. IN THE WORLD.

The trailer for the next big Wes Anderson flick is very Wes Andersony.

True story: this was open in my browser tabs and I don’t even know and... *headtilt*

Photos of NASA equipment tests.

Famous workspaces.

I need a bulk order of these.

Games that could have been.

I wonder if I’ll ever stop enjoying creative urban art.

The mighty YouTube wormhole of clicks dropped me here. Yeap.

Maybe not the best way to carry your neck pillow through the airport.

Browser Mario for when you think to yourself, "I really want to spend more time at my computer."

“Have you ever had one of those incredible customer service experiences that you just had to share with the whole world?  No, of course you haven’t.”

100 of the best free movies on Amazon Prime for if you're like me and forget you have Prime.

This was so unexpected I had to throw it in: dancing Hiddleston.

Gooooooooo team costume! Break!