I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday! Please accept kittehs frolicing through a field as my apology.

Furthermore, a bunch of links I saved for you are on my computer at work. Am I a mess or what this week?! This just means you'll get a heapin' helpin' in the next batch.

Woots and all that.



You guys, the Far Side is real!

Now THIS is a 5-star GTA V police chase.

Pretty excited for the next season of GIRLS. 

The Batdad...Rises? (UGH SORRY)

Speaking of Batman, he's gotta take a driving test too.

This guy gives zero f***ks. My spirit animal for the month.

Never been ticketed by a cop, but if it's gotta happen I hope it's by this guy.

Video games: then and now. Et tu Mariokart?

Ain't no party like a renaissance gif party.

Can't stop oogling these Jellyfish lamps?

More baby animals to keep you in a good mood.

There's a map for that. Bookmark this for when you're shopping for Christmas pressies in a few weeks.

The voice of Siri is this woman. Does anyone else think she should get, like, Christmas bonuses for life or something?

A sign your child might be a programmer.

Dear god, these sweaters.

Um, whoops!

Art attacks.

Texts from my cat.

The trailer for "Zero Charisma." I'd watch that.

Who else wishes that babies came with a volume button?

12 music documentaries to see. I'd like to add "It Might Get Loud" and not just because I'm mildly obsessed with Jack White.

How to get a good sear. I don't eat a lot of meat so I need to read this at least 20 more times to learn a thing or two.

No more links, gotta watch 20 minutes of Titanfall.