Have a good weekend!


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New bucket list item: kidnap Joseph gordon Levitt.

If animals and objects could talk. How much do I love this guy?

Jimmy Fallon and Prince played ping pong and you just gotta hear the rest of this story.

The honest trailer for Breaking Bad. Trying to get my quota of BB links in before the show goes silent.

This week I learned there’s a “Need For Speed” movie and Aaron Paul’s dreamy blue eyes are starring in it.

Dragons Love Tacos. First time I've ever wanted to see the inside of a children's book.

Dear JJ Abrams, please don’t mess this up. Love, Everyone

The geekiest pillows you'll see all week. BL2 pillows?!

So in summary, time spent using Tupperware.

Sometimes you just need a nacho.

Monopoly properties IRL 


Winter is coming.

Oldest school D&D is returning.

Currently lusting after: this wall art.

More Little Golden Books. Baby Shep!

7 anatomy drawings from the Middle Ages.

Good f*ng advice mugs. I'm a sucker for the matte black treatment.

Fun weekend activity: get blindfolded and walk in a straight line. I dare you.

New bucket list item partie deux: Senior Fan Letter Reader for Bryan Cranston. Supermega spoilers after the letter part, just FYI.

The path of an asteroid that came close to Earth in 2003. Because gravity.

The Breaking Bad store. This made me laugh out loud.

I'm slightly concerned these portraits from the Beard and Mustache Championships will give you ideas.

Some of your favorite gaming icons get the skull treatment.

92 years of Big Foot sightings, mapped.

Scifi starship comparison chart.

Google "google in 1998".