*tap tap*

Is this thing on?

I've been on vacation the past two days and intended to do my link round-up this morning, per normal, and then...well, you know.

AndthenIstartedplayingGrandTheftAuto5 and now you know the scene in my living room.



The best GTA V review.

Food hacks. So simple. So brilliant.

Getty dubs. I'm a sucker for cheap jokes.

Before they were famous. Bryan Cranston!

Music videos without the music. We can't stop? (sry)

Photographing the cast of Duck Dynasty. I couldn't stop reading this.

Every single scene in this video. I nearly spit water all over my keyboard at invisible step.

Sort of related to the last video is this video. Yeah, I feel like I have this day regularly.

Okay okay fine, I made time for Animal Crossing this week too. Busted. In case anyone has it as bad as me, this link may come in handy.

Your house will be a happier house tomorrow morning with one of these. You're welcome.

South Korea is building an invisible skyscraper because, why not?

Oh dear, hundreds of Breaking Bad props are up for auction.

A field guide to procrastinators. I am all of these?

My high school wardrobe, in a nutshell.

What 5,000 paper windmills looks like.


Bat Dad, you go.

Maps maps, all the maps.

Skinny Pete IRL. Mind blown.

What the hell vintage French medical posters?!

Take the Myers Briggs Personality Test to find out which Harry Potter character you are.

If you have a terrible fear of public speaking (or public anything for that matter) like I do, then this link is for you. Someone report back with results!

Steve McQueen's 500+ acre ranch is for sale for a mere $7.5 million. Anyone want to contribute to my Adopt-A-House fund? 

The honest trailer for World War Z. Oui.

This Pinterest board. The End.