Hey guess what! I bought my first game for the PS4 this week!

It was after seeing this video that I decided to go full throttle on Watch Dogs. I don't quite get how the multiplayer online stuff is gonna work yet, but that's kind of besides the point. It looks pretty rad.

God, and this is the part of the link post where I have to admit I'm still hooked on Animal Crossing. Freagin' Animal Crossing. You know what's worse than an AC addiction? Having a friend with an AC addiction. I'm not saying it's intervention time, but...let's reconvene in a few weeks.


Desktops of the week: good ol' fashioned video game art!

Plan for your next The Most Annoying Coffee Order Ever order.

After watching the trailer for "Mr. Nobody," I still have no idea what this movie is about.

For your next backyard BBQ.

I like how this 3rd grader thinks.

Photos of the amazing world we live in from under a microscope.

This guy woke up to find he's married to the most beautiful woman on the planet. Aww!

Hot pepper gaming. How is it 2013 and someone only just thought of this?

Judge me if you want, but I need to know more about this cookbook.

The inspiration for Apple's iOS 7 color palette.

Parents of the year.

My friend lost her xacto knife in art class.

Film posters that missed the final cut. I'm kind of hot for that Ocean's 11 poster.

Kickstarter of the week: General Chaos II.

This is a good tatt.

Tio's bell.

The Breaking Bad spinoff "Better Call Saul" is apparently gonna happen.

Breaking Bad parody of the week: Joking Bad. Hugemegacraploads of spoilers alert!

HBO has released the first trailer for "True Detective," which basically looks like your next Breaking Bad addiction.

What, you always wanted to know what a 1970s cold war era home built 26 feet underground looks like? Well today is your lucky day.

The evolution of end-zone dances. Why isn't Fallon moving to his new timeslot, like, tomorrow?

Cinema type board. I actually do have a space this would look rather lovely in,

The Internet reacts to the GTA V map leaks. Great, now that's ALL I SEE.

This makes me so happy I live about 3 minutes from work.

Photo captions. The further you go, the better they get.

I have a favorite GIF this week and this is it.

NFL TV maps, 2013 ed. Bookmarked.

How to get someone mad at you.