Things were a touch on the busy today, what can I say?

Links are still in though! And my brain is in at least 86 different places right now which means you're getting quite the mix.

Have a good weekend!


Cleverly placed street art.

Memorable game show answers.

Darth Drogo! All the exclamation points!!!!!!

Did you know YouTube has a secret game?

Now THIS is the tune that should have been the song of the summer. Can't...stop...

Color blindness test. I can never not click on a link called "color blindness test". So interesting.

How to make The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich (!) of egg, cheese, bacon, avocado, sri racha on a bun thingy. But I'm thinking this needs browns, amiright?!

If the planets were aligned just so, I could be convinced to go on the new Six Flags ride.

Babbit. This is a cute browser-based game.

Photobomb Of The Week. Of the month? 

I died and went to Cute.


idk, partie deux.

This is a good tee.

This is not very nice!

The first trailer for Robocop has dropped. Hmm.

Did ya'll read Jeff's Hipster Guide To Hating Video Games?

The last of the "Gravity" teasers is over. Now you get the real stuff.

Then there's this. I did warn you my brain was in 86 different places.

The movie trailer voice guy needs someone to do a VO on him.

Alternatively titled: How To Skip Doing Laundry For A Year.

Lexican. A collection of forgotten words, in which you learn that vomitorium probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.

The internet, as described by prisoners who have never seen it. "I was confused about how you got from one piece of info to the next and I was clueless in terms of the lingo used to describe it all."

200 viral videos from this year all mashed into one video. What does it say about me that I was looking forward to the part with the goats?

China’s spankin' new abandoned cities are the stuff of fantasy stories.

Not your average GIF.