Wanna know what's on my schedule this weekend?


Absolutely nothing. Of course there are things I could be doing, but I don't have to and that is a feeling that can't be replaced.

So basically I've spent the whole morning thinking about what kind of pizza I'll order later and mentally indexing all the games on my shelf wondering what I could get lost in. Current contenders: No One Lives Forever 2, Star Wars: Dark Forces, SWTOR (yes, really), Guild Wars 2, or doing something crazy like picking up Far Cry 3 on the way home from work tonight.

Far Cry 3 is in the lead, just FYI.


Presenting this video without context. Smile!

Filed under "Thing That Blew My Mind This Week:" this horse simulation game.

Your Friday dose of cute: abandoned house in the woods taken over by wild animals.

“What’s the last photo you took on your phone?” Mine was a photo of the crooked rug in the Game Informer elevator. Yeap.

Need a movie recommendation for any time ever? I watched "The History Of Future Folk" on the recommendation of a 12 year old and it's bangin'.

Llamatherapy. I want it documented that if I'm in a horrible accident, rally to make this happen.

The Humble Bundle is back with a Comedy installment. I’m impressed!

I would climb this for $10 million dollars and not a penny less.

Best GIF I saw this week: caught red-pawed.

Bill Watterson has some advice.

The best amazon reviews are now aggregated.

There's a new trailer for the next Cohen bros. project, “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

God this week's links are random, which is why I'm throwing this one in the ring ... See what I did there?

Rumors are swirling that Bryan Cranston may be cast as Lex F**king Luther, and Matt Damon as Aquaman. Godpleaseyes let this be true [It won't be true :(.]

SMB parkour. Swag.

Some guy replaced the Minecraft audio with his own voice and now I think I could play Minecraft.

These minimal sci-fi/fantasy/movie posters rock my world. Pick one, I dare you.

Tyrion Lannister + Nicki Minaj get the faceswap treatment.

Nerd Block: satisfying your need for stuff every month.

The first trailer surfaces for "Divergent."

iOS game of the week: Black Bar.

Astronaut soup.

Dear GIO,
The Kids' Guide To The Internet.
Love, MARGARET!!!!!!!!!

XBOX Live in an alternate universe.

For Breaking Bad fans: I Am The Danger.

Inside the GTA V soundtrack. There's a whole lot going on there.

Dinobots are probably maybe finally happening in "Transformers 4."

Japan has raised the bar on pranks. Hanson would fall for this, but we should find out for reals.