This week is a blur.

I played a whole lotta Animal Crossing (for those keeping record at home, I abandoned Rivendel for Mewville and things are coming along swimmingly). I also found my way to Peggle (noted below) and even busted out the old Assassin's Creed II for no particular reason.

Honestly? It feels like I'm just passing time until the PS4 arrives at my front door.

The other game I'm excited about? The Helm's Deep expansion for LOTRO. I'll always have such a sweet spot for my sneakypants Hobbit in that game.


Games bring us together. Don't stare, it's just something in my eye.

Just a Russian hovercraft on ur beach nbd. Why is everyone so calm?!

Drunk History on Dolly Parton. However great I tell you this is, it's actually better than that.

Thug Kitchen would like to remind you that summer is almost over, so make a slushie and get the f**k over it.

Any video that can reduce a grown man to a giggling mess is a video I want to watch.

A 20 second Tetris game. Took me longer to type out this sentence.

Presenting the 2013 World Champion Yo-Yo'er.

The isolated track of 'Bombs Over Baghdad.'

This list of TV salaries may surprise you.


Angry Brands.

Bargain bin blasphemy.

Whatever works for you. Yeah!

Retro Borderlands 2. I'd still play that.

This playset is for all the Brekaing Bad fans in the audience.

I wish I was old enough to remember how spacious airplanes used to be :(.

iOS app of the week: Hearts. This app reminded me I played the crap out of this game in high school with, like, actual cards.

Word got loose in the office that I've never played Peggle, and I'm happy to report that is no longer the case. Maybe the most satisfying level-up experience OF ALL TIME.

General Mills re-releasing all 5 monster cereals for halloween. God, I remember the ads for these during Saturday morning cartoons more than I remember the actual cereal!

This is what I look like when I'm making these blog posts. Just kidding, it's actually this.

Did you know you can livestream the 2013 Air Guitar World Championships?

Alternate Brand slogans. "A Machine To Sit In."

I desire this necklace.

Gimli is a boss.

Here is a good skillmap poster.

There's a new trailer for 'The Counsellor,' starring everyone.

Jon Snow has been working out. A little something for the ladies.

American dialects mapped. How could they leave out pop/soda/coke? [It's soda.]

Some music I'm listening to this week: London Grammar's cover of Wicked Game, Elvis Costello + The Roots, this dancy Jagwar Ma tune, the oontzy new Gaga tune, Juana Molina's latest, the Journey soundtrack, and this free El-p + Killermike mix.