I had a little trouble editing down today's list so you're getting the full extenda-version. 

Hey so, I haven't talked about what games I've been playing lately because I've really only had time to play Animal Crossing. And it's less about working on all kinds of projects and having limited free time (which is 100% true) and more about confession time: I've been binging on Breaking Bad.

Sigh. It's just so good.

Last night I started Season 2 and there's no stopping me now. Sorry, all-the-good-games-I-should-be-playing!



Superhero tan lines. Embare.

GoT dinner specials. Dothsnacki, heh.

Timewaster of the day: F2P vintage handheld games.

This Bruce Lee tee would make an excellent addition to my collection.

Every workplace ever in the history of ever should have one of these.

This should keep you busy for appr. 3 minutes: Pan Man.

Red Bull photo contest.

Some good sneaks.


The Snacking Dead. Bloody good.

The daily routine of famous writers.

The trailer for Spike Jones' new movie "Her."

There's a new "Thor: The Dark World" trailer and whatever I am totally gonna see this.

This tease for the new season of American Horror Story makes me actually want to watch it.

OMG, this guy makes me feel like I have no skills in life. How have I never heard of him before?!

At the coffee shop, when someone behind me gets their coffee first. I mean, right?

One second on the internet.

Movie easter eggs.

Who needs legs?


Laugh types.

If you like this car decal we could be friends.

And then I realized they were the guys that did this vid, which is still excellent.

Proof that the sun is really just the Eye of Sauron. I've been saying this all along!

The tease for season 3 of Sherlock's has arrived! *cumberswoon*

This webseries is hilarious and weird and adorable.

Bass dogs. Long list today, just making sure you're still paying attention.

Team Coco takes a little adventure back in time.

20 GIFs that will haunt you later tonight.

Job posting of the year.