Apologies in advance, but this week's list is kinda video heavy. I promise it's worth it.

Have a good weekend!


105 impressions.

Wolverine, a film by Woody Allen.

These reporters are having a worse day than you.

Did you guys see...THIS?! I'll take the one in the middle, kthx.

2 sentence horror stories. At first I was all, eh, but then I read one and got chills.

If you've seen a manlier stroller, I tip my hat to you.

Chrome has a new backpack like whoa.

Blindfold boxing is amazing.

Please slow drively.

This smiling little dude.

It's awesome being a nerd. *tear*

SNL cast members breaking character.

Oh, this? My boyfriend did my make-up.

The Himalayan adventure I had to watch parts of peeking through my fingers.

10 medical terms that should be band names. Anything that gets Diarrhea Planet off my twitter feed has my vote.


Don't assume to know how Retta rolls.

Happy animals are so happy.

Jedi parkour, ofc.

Bored teenager plays Vivaldi tribute.

First person Sonic. Imma throw up.

This masculine art is precious and perfect.

Honest trailers: Batman and Robin. *rollseyes*

Related to the pic above: this one made me laugh out loud, too.

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Robin Thicke on kiddo instruments made my morning.

Super Mario updated. I'd play the crap outta this.

GIF of the week. Exclamation point!

This is a smart keyring.

Cat lucky. I couldn't not link to this.

Are you smarter than an 8th grader in 1912?