Current status: taking a break from unpacking the million boxes moved this week to find out what the internet has to offer.

The verdict? Mmmm.

I wanted to add a quick note of thanks to the nice people who have emailed & left comments on previous posts. Appreciate it a lot. I might need to do a post one week of all the suggestions being written in! So much good stuff.


How GRRM envisioned the Iron Throne. Missed opportunity. This is perfect.

What your coffee says about you. That I'm an indecisivepants cuz I can't pick just one :\.

Any of you familiar with the bed frame at Ikea called the Malm? Now you know enough to click on this link.

The motorcyclist to the rescue! Watch to the end.

A Catwoman heist.

Wookie life.

Bug art!

You are what you ride.

These 3D drawings are something.

Aww YISSSS! This trailer for "Seventh Son" is my everything.

Do you need a moment of adorable this morning? Of course you do.

Disturbing scientific facts. Full disclosure: I only watched ~0.5 seconds of this.

Did you guys watch Sharknado?! Maybe my weekend action item for this scene alone.

We Do Photoshop. "Put me in a photo with Iron Man," HA!

The Mos Eisley spaceport, re-imagined. Worth clicking around the other links. Crazy good.

You all saw what a 25 ft. sea level rise would do to the East coast, now you get to see the West coast version.

Aww, who's tha cutest widdle construction sign?!

Scientist vacations. Good for a *snort.

Holy crap mother nature!

Manhattanhenge is this weekend.

JFC  does the world really need another Chucky movie?

The Beastie Boys' Mike D made this 10 minute remix (for a fashion house(?) blah de blah).

Because you always wondered what a face mashup of Natalie Portman & Will Ferrell would be like.

Game of Thrones characters Simpsonsized. Khal Drogo is hawt no matter what species he is.

Just a few days left on this massive games sale on Amazin'Steam is also having a massive sale.

This guy is drawing GoT characters and they are kind of amazing.

I guess this is my new favorite of all the Skyrim mods.

This American Life nears its 500th eppie.

This mug. Period.