I can't go on living a lie: I'm officially hot for the 3DS XL. Stupid Animal Crossing!


So here's the deal: I'll be pretty busy the next few weeks working on the August issue of Game Informer and moving, so I can live without it. For now. But if you see a fantastic sale cross your path and don't share it with me, the next link post will be 15 links shorter. I mean business.

Thanks! :)


Based solely on the my personal viewcount, this is apparently my link of the weekBut Belle in this one is my moment of the week. Replay x 12 x <3.

Things World War Z the movie has in common with the book. Still seeing it this weekend don'tcare.

Conan was at E3 and this video is the glorious proof.

Tee of the week: Zombie ID guide.

Personal Yeezus.

Cassette prints.

Mix Tape '93. Having serious high school flashbacks. But with Cypress Hill!

Spider furniture. Gonna buy my brother a whole set for his birthday, he'll be thrilled.

Movie posters as travel destinations. Minas Tirith makes my heart swell a little.

The desk reporter's face on cut. SO GOOD.

Headline of the week. Handily.


NYC subway makin'.

Planetary anatomy. Learning is fun!

The tallest abandoned building in the world.

Pacman as a FPS.

Super selfie.

Superman outfit concept art.

My favorite new art installation in London.

Nicholas Jaar remixed Daft Punk's album into: Daftside.

The trailer for Ridley Scott's next flick "The Counselor." Starring Brad Pitt as Brad Pitt.

How does a baby giraffe sleep? Now that you've read the question you have to know the answer, don't you?

Game of Thrones dating profiles. HODOR!

Pix of the construction of Space Mountain.

Oh, uh, hi. Make sure to watch till 1:38.

Glass doors are hard.

Always appropriate.