Only one game is on my mind right now: Tina Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.

That's a dirty lie. I've been dreaming about Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Played the crap out of that game on the DS, and I'm now finding myself wishing people would shutthehellup about how great it is so I wanted a 3DS a hundred times less. Sigh. Adult decisions.


Star Wars fans looking for a fight.

My dad was in a band.

The LEGO movie has a trailer! is having a supermega sale. Go!

The trailer for "The Wolf of Wall Street" has arrived.

Annnnd now you'll get this list of Things Thrown by Leo.

Expired Kickstarter of the week: Dogs playing D&D.

Jimmy Fallon compiled a list of games not to play and it's precious.

Next-gen consoles as Game of Thrones characters. But can't we all agree the last one might work better as, say, Littlefinger or Joffrey?

Would it be inappropriate of me to get this Game of Thrones baby mobile for all the people in my life having babies this year?

Game of Thrones, Season 3 as infographics.

Dreamy Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon poster is dreamy.

Did you guys watch this video of Conan playing Injustice? 

Leave it to the Fallon show to set the Mario Theme song to lyrics.

A ride on the subway with 1946.

Pac-man and Robin.

Timewaster of the day: Soundodger.

"Anchorman 2" has a new trailer this week, too.

Ever wondered what it feels like to be in the cockpit?

Superhero-caped socks. vaguely creeped out by these?

How a keylock actually works. Number of times I've watched this loop: at least 17.

I would rock the hell out of this Blade Runner jacket.

The secret life of plastic toys. Today's header.

Unlocking the truth. You go, little dudes!

Mobile game of the week: Home. New to iOS.

This guy is begging to play The Last Of Us. I-- he-- well, okay then.

A fantastic roundup of video game articles on The Onion. Okay but they forgot one of my all time favorite Onion articles: The World of World of Warcraft.

14 things perfectionists love. I am guilty of most of these, but they forgot some: no deaths. all the loot. achievements.

Some of Japan's cutest and most amusing Twitter pix. The last one.