Where are the links, f'real?

I bet you thought I forgot.

I can't forget you.

This concludes my Friday love-haiku made just for you.


Gimme gimme more Man of Steel.

The GoT Red Wedding recap...on Facebook.

If companies had realistic slogans. "Adobe: Update Available."

Have you downloaded Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD yet? No? Well why not?! Any excuse is the wrong one.

The first trailer for "Runner, Runner." I'll forgive JT for this since he's releasing 2 albums this year.

Timewaster of the day: this 404 page.

Signfeld prints. No soup for you!

Actors laughing between takes.

The secret world of underground bunkers is a horror movie waiting to be greenlighted.

OK Go helped NPR move Tiny Desk concerts. I can't think of a more perfect band for the job.

22 iconic music logos explained.

A for realsies Scrooge McDuck money vault?!

Star Wars pulp covers. Plus OMG BLADE RUNNER! AND LOTR! I want all of these in my heart.

I know this seems a little grim, but I'm enamored with this tabletop decoration.

Animated bike wheels!

Star Wars logo evolution before your very eyes.

Portal-themed bedroom. I know a certain 12 year old who would go bananas over this. Adorbz.

Get Serenity and other vehicles like the Millenium Falcon on your Garmin GPS. On my to-do list this weekend.

Photos of famous landmarks while still under construction.

The first image of ___________ in The Hobbit 2.

How about some new NIN. Meh.

10 new apps.

How about some pie charts?

Unholy animal hybrids. JFC NO.

You guys, it's finally the weekend.