Two things.

First: I'm officially on the Borderlands 1 sauce and ahhhhgaaahd is it good. Why didn't anyone tell me?!

Second: Kinda busy getting the July issue ready today so I have to keep this short. Get to your weekend already!


Texts from Zelda. This wins the internet today.

Game of Thrones as Magic Cards?! God*mn brilliant. GIMME.

Game Informer HQ is in need of a marshmallow blaster. It will only be used for good, obviously.

Because you always wanted to know what it would be like to drive a snowmobile off a cliff.

This wedding photo has set the bar high for wedding photos.

Free summer mixtape of the week. Yummy.

Bike tricks. Oddly, it was semi-limbo that made me gawk.

Kickstarter of the week: What if you could draw your own video game?

The Onion has your Xbox One highlights.

Ship graveyards.

T-Rex evolution, in a nutshell.

Game of Thrones in Japanese? Sure why not.

The Sweethome. "It's a list of the best home gear, each item chosen mindfully and with many hours of research, interviews with the world's most knowledgable experts and testers, all in service of backing up our own testing and opinions." Nerdalert!

Father's Day gift of the year.

Will Smith: Noisemaker.

The first trailer for Disney's "Planes."

Tetris-ish timewaster app of the week: Dots.

Just how does Superman shave his beard anyway? Whew, had always wondered.

How far games have come since my childhood. Preach.

Game of Desks.

Unbelievably true facts. !!!

This wrapping paper could come in handy.

Star Wars: KOTOR is on the iPad?! You're lucky I'm actually finishing this post instead of doing this.

Video games in movies. It's like my childhood is flashing before my eyes.

A gaming system designed by...BMW? Ooh brightshinythings.

Cover of the week: San Cisco's version of "Get Lucky."

How Iron Man 3 should have ended.

Famous lookalikes. Time travelers, clearly.