What a week, amiright? We'll get through all this next-gen business together. Gotta say, I'm pretty anxious to see what comes out of E3 this year.

I signed on a new place a few days ago and now my brain is tied up wondering when I'll have any time to game in the next month. And ohmygod I'm gonna be moving in the middle of the last Borderlands 2 DLC?!? Gotta figure something out there cuz priorities.


Big gas savings.

Indiana Capchta. Choose....wisely.

Bane plays Slender. How have I been without this in my life these past months?

Retro music games bundle. Dear god, Duke Nukem and all the memories. Great price, limited time.

The Xbone + Seven mash.

Aliens in 60 seconds.

You must escape. Timewaster of the day.

I am FREAKING OUT over the new 'Man of Steel' trailer.

The Worst Things For Sale. Jesus, nobody tell Ryckert about that toilet.

The honest trailer for 'Fast Five.' Baby oil nearly made me spit water all over my keyboard.

Headline of the day: "Even Tom Hanks can't explain how he turned into Wario".

Timewaster of the day #2: Would You Rather.

Misheard lyrics: the 90s edition.

Taxider-- ohmy.

Sand sculptures that are kind of amazing.

This dude made a full-scale X-wing out of legos. He wins the Internet this week.

Classic video games with real-life backgrounds. I'm going to say something controversial here: I always loved the Winter/Summer Olympics series.

Timewaster of the day #3: GeoGuessr. Stop being so addicting!

BioSloth Infinite. Perfect for your next sweater party.


Beer of Thrones.

Abandoned luxury cars of Dubai.

This teenage girl is absolutely shredding Van Halen's 'Eruption'  and couldn't possibly look more bored. What do you think she's thinking about?

Star Trek spoiler faq. Spoilers tons of spoilers and now I'm even more annoyed with all the questions left unanswered AH!