We've been hard at work at getting the next issue ready, and between that and catching up on Game of Thrones and Mad Men I've only had time for ... Borderlands 2.

Bryan is so bold as to think I've leveled my toon higher than anyone else in the office. The mere possibility that I could be anything better in a video game than anyone else in this office is a trophy I never knew I wanted until this moment.


This is a photo of 3 Corgis LARP'ing at the beach. Nbd.

If NES games were made today. This might be my favorite link of the week.

Hipster Mario made me laugh out loud. Make sure to check out hipster BowserLuigi, and Toad.

This image is the reason you'll never look at the CBS logo the same way again.

Video games and their long history of you know.

The Polish poster for The Big Lebowski is perfection.

Game of Thrones parodies roundup.

The art of an indie band photo.

Daft Punk doing everyday things.

Lego Tower of Orthanc set. My cat could live in that.

A treasure trove of Empire Strikes Back photos you've never seen.

Your classic link of the week: Milk, as reviewed on Amazon.

This comic strip based on someone's tweet.

House sigils from The Game of Pokemon.

The Matrix, as retold by your mom.

Super Mario Kart course IRL.

You ever mornings like...well, this?

The Game of Thrones opening done in Minecraft.

What musicians eat backstage. Marilyn Manson, let's be friends.

Tornado done with 2 million straws. Mmm, I could fall asleep there.

Middle class problems. Maybe I was just punchy, but #3 almost made me snort water all over my keyboard.

What if James Bond was, like, mediocre?

This hurricane on Saturn is 1,250 miles wide.

The Hood Internet's mixtapes are a classic at Chez Sopheava. Download their latest.

Animated drunk wife joke. If you don't smile you don't win a prize.