Hello and welcome to another installment of This Week Stuff Happened On The Internet™.

The big news this week is of course the Batman issue, but you probably didn't know I'm maybe the only person in the office that hasn't played Arkham City (or Asylum). After getting bullied about it (not really) I picked up the GOTY edition on the cheap and have it ready to load up. You guys better be right about this one!

In Random iOS Games I Picked Up This Week news, there was Blendoku which is silly but perfect for OCD & visual types. In other words: Margaret Crack.


Ship my pants.

This rant is my spirit animal this week.

Weird compliments. Um, thanks?

How animals eat their food.

Superhero powers that do stuff.

The way this dog feels about going for a walk is how I feel about pizza.

My favorite tweet this month and of 2013 and forever.

Alright, who is making the mantis shrimp video game?

What it's like at Game Informer HQ when there's an email saying there's free food.

I'm filing this under: things you cannot unsee but cannot not click.

Video games as Dr. Seuss books.

Movie poster cliches.

The trailer for 'Elysium', which comes out later this year, looks fantastic.

Trailer for 'The Purge'. Now you know what Cersei is up to in her free time.

The Thrones cast IRL.

It's official: you can kickstart anything.

Megaman blaster pillow set. Tim Turi and @RiverboatJack can die happy now.

How about some new music this week...

Reasons my son is crying. This makes me cackle like an evil woman.

A few links that still make me laugh out loud: Numb3rs explains IRC chat and did you know you can double your typing speed with a buddy?

If sea level rose 25 feet this is what it would look like.

Robots get bored at their jobs, too. Hahaha, "Whattup GLaDOS?!"

Let's reconvene for a group hug after you read this superfan's story.

So that dude who can make all those crazy trick kick shots? He got signed to the Detroit Lions.

What would the sky look like if planets were as close to earth as the moon.

Here are some dogs who don't know how big they are.