So remember last week when I was all, "I'm going to play Dead Space 3 blah de blah!" Yeahhhh, before you judge: I live alone. In a haunted building. With two cats who are so the opposite of fierce. It was dark. And it was scary! I played a grand total of 90 minutes because I needed to get some actual sleep that night.

Today my mission is to probe Tim for more insider weaponcrafting tips because my plasma cutter isn't cutting it (whatever, it's scary so I get to make that joke). Dead Space 3 is gonna happen, I just need to accept it's gonna be slow and steady (and get a buddy system in place).

Also, I played Candy Crush. Sue me.


The new Volkswagen Beetle commercial made me laugh.

BMW designed a car based on one 4-year-old's specifications. Engines. Chicks. Toys.

I am having too much fun with the Walking Dead: Dead Yourself app. Even my poor cat Indigo got zombified.

The Harlem Shake is done. Someone buy this guy a present.

This week in unnecessary censorship.

App truth.

The headline that might kill my brother dead: It's raining spiders in Brazil.

Astronaut duvet cover. <3

Anyone know a Pope? -Gaffigan

The dangers of being a news reporter. *wince ooh eee ahh giggle oww oww*

This Pixar illustrator drew each NFL game as a battle of mascots.

37 people worse at cooking than you.

Vaguely rude place names of the world.

And top spot at the Westminster dog show went to...

Some guys videotaped their 84 year old grandpa playing Halo 4 and Black Ops.

Did you guys see this vid of Hanson falling off his chair laughing when he saw the Aliens: Colonial Marines animation? New lifelist item: fall out of my chair laughing at something.

A bunch of new music vids came out this week: P.O.S. got weird with his weird friends, James Blake is taking over my iPod with this oneJustin Timberlake goes clubbin' with Jay-Z, and finally Tanlines did this interactive vid that is still on my brain.

This smartypants teen Jeopardy contestant singlehandedly made everyone on the internet smile.

Through Monday 2/18, all Criterion movies are free free on Hulu. No account required.

40+ minutes of Star Trek bloopers.