Before we get into the links, here's your weekly gaming update:

Mass Effect: deleted char & started on a new class (Infiltrator). Ahhhh much better.

Dead Space 3: slightly terrified this will take over my weekend (pun not intended).

Portal 2: Random game on my shelf I somehow hadn't yet played. Got through a couple levels this week and liked what it did to my brain.

Borderlands 2: Why can't I quit you? Someone please stage an intervention. Please.


10 of the best game fails of 2012. Precious.

Huge bear surprises crew on the set of an outdoor commercial. !@#$*&!!

Beyonce's publicist tried to get unflattering Superbowl photos of her taken down, so The Internet rolled up its sleeves and did what it does. <3

If the Game Informer eds got to write tv listings, they would all look like this.

Your favorite video game art as seen in an African store. 

10 bizarro professions you didn't know existed.

Fox Trot this week. Fox Trot every week.

You've been tying your shoes wrong.  I'm happy to report that today I tied my shoes correctly and didn't have to double-knot them for the first time in my adult life. #firstworldwin

Game of Thrones valentines. You have just enough time to order these for your beloved.

Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be a beast. And now I know.

Adulthood vs. Childhood, The Video Game. FIGHT!

Don't hate me but this "Fast & the Furious 6" trailer looks kind of amazing.

First known photo of someone flipping the bird. I respect his subtlety.

Famous people report on their morning routine & breakfast menu. Justin Timberlake is a hobbit. Like, a really really healthy hobbit if a really healthy hobbit existed.

The honest movie trailer for "Skyfall."

I have nightmares about pulling a u-turn like this guy.

GRRM is doing everything in the universe BUT finishing ASoFaI. What do we do?!?

If you like dubstep listen to some new AraabMuzik, plus more soon including collabs with Diplo and Skrillex.

Gentleman thief. Bet this party trick is a big winner.

Superbowl masks '13/'83.

At home with furries.

This kid is a cylon.

Jeopardy went there this week.

The Northern Lights as viewed from the International Space Station.

Business cards of 20 famous people in history. Abe Lincoln was p.i.m.p.

The Vegan Black Metal Chef teaches you how to cook. I wanted you to have this for Valentine's Day, because why not surprise your loved one with a demonic meal served on a pentagram?