Soooooo ... last weekend I started Mass Effect. And by Sunday I needed a couch and a heart-to-heart with several people in the office to get me through major roadblocks. My biggest gripe outside of not knowing where I was supposed to go or what I was supposed to do 70% of the time? I really wish someone had told me the autosaves don't actually save anything other than your physical location. Lost 6 hours of play time (I checked), threw down my controller, and then ate 2 peanut butter cookies. It wasn't pretty. Then I shot stuff in Borderlands 2 and all was well in the world again.

Untillllllll I started playing this. And now I need a couch and a therapist again because I'm the biggest wuss on the planet. GAH!

This weekend: take 2 on all of the above. But this time I'm going in prepared!

(Sort of. No. Actually. Not at all for Alan Wake. Still gonna need a therapist by Monday.)


Petting chart for your cat and dog.

Are these the best superbowl ads of all time? Sad the cat-herding vid isn't on this list. Do you remember it?

The game of Tag that has been going on for 23 years. Reading this story gives me anxiety. I would totally get schooled by my friends!

Every night. Yup.

How can I go on like this? I <3 you, you complete me.

Skeletor has feelings, too.

Nutritional Guide to popular food in video games.

Gimme this art for my walls. I have a lot of art on my walls :\.

Dead Space concept art I can't stop looking at.

Baseball card vandals.

Designing a new HUD for Iron Man. Jawonfloor.

An orange peanut? FOR ME?! [context]

The 15 dumbest, goofiest, and otherwise most impractical Gundams of all time. Is that a ... is that a Transformer with a windmill on its chest? It totally is. He'd slice off his arms in two seconds.

Undercity makes me wish I were more of a daredevil.

Inside a decaying theater. What that theater needs this weekend is a giant projector and Amnesia. *HOLDME*

Undead Teds. Creepy bastards.

Another fun thing to enduce nightmares tonight. Driven by clowns, clearly.

Brad Bird's next Disney movie is "Tomorrowland."

Speaking of Disney, their Oscar nominated short "Paperman" hit the web and it is delightful.

Watch this snooty Star Wars-hating film critic hate on Star Wars back in 1983. Oooh, I'm not of an adult mentality? ZING!

A bunch of dudes spent months recreating every last King's Landing building (and their interiors) in Minecraft. What have you done with the last 3 months of your life?

I still cling to the hope this car will be a thing.

Titanium utility ring. I think my significant other wants one of these to groom his beard. Men.

Cat on a leash.