I have to confess it's getting harder to sit on these links for up to an entire week. Some of these were bookmarked last Friday!

There's a cold snap hitting the state this weekend, making highs something like -2 degrees. I will be very indoors and very cozy between piles of games and cats and blankets and hot soup and not season 2 of Game of Thrones on Bluray (which would be the perfect thing to rewatch right about now). I can appreciate that they're waiting until closer to season 3's debut date but I'm still going to complain about it.


Bad Lip Reading strikes the NFL. This is probably my favorite link this week.

"Nothing weird is going to happen." I lied, this might actually be my favorite link this week.

The Houses of GoT. This made me find new love for the Baratheons, but winter is still coming 03.31.13.

Trust falls. Because I wanted you to end the week on a happy note.

This isn't the petition response you are looking for. The White House responds to an official petition to build a death star.

A new background for your desktop: Fud. Ermahgerd ween-hur!

Message in a binary bottle.  Programmers have feelings, too.

Words that don't exist in English...BUT SHOULD.

A collection of Deadpool crossover art. Oh, that guy.

Monkey Island Insult Sword Fighting. Classic.

Iron Man brings some justice to GTA. 'Splosions.

WTF, evolution?

Lego Star Wars in a nutshell.

Gourmet gaming. Wish I had thought of doing this first, and then filling it with stuff I'd actually eat.

A sandwich for every day of the month. Random food link for today because mmmsandwiches.

Is Zombieland going to be a tv show? I'd watch that.

Gravity Pac-Man. Taking it to the next level.

Beautiful Valentine's Day Cards that will get you kissed. I'm going to go ahead and assume most of the people reading this are men, so this link is my gift to you.

Monopoly replacing a game piece and you get to decide which one. Everyone already knows it'll be the wheelbarrow, right?

Star Wars comforter. I think my brother had this exact one in the '80s.

Lousy book covers are, well, lousy.

Can you name all of these Star Wars silhouettes?

Every Superman logo.

What if everybody stood like Superman?

Arnold Schwarzenager as Darth Vader? NooOOOooOoooOOOOoo.

Everything wrong with "Prometheus" in 4 minutes or less just makes me want to watch "Prometheus" again.