Had a doc appointment yesterday and HEY!, totally forgot there's a Gamstop literally 10 steps from the front door. Not one to pass up an opportunity...it only took 4 months of living on my Amazon wishlist but Dishonored is finally mine. Can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to blow a whole weekend on this.

And because I'm easily influenced? It's the fault of the guys in the office that I'm playing Joe Danger (cute outfits and anything that reminds me of ExciteBike forever) and Hundreds (because Helvetica). Hey, it's January in Minnesota and I feel very little guilt over spending a weekend indoors. Is there anything better?


Justice League money.

I must find a way to get my paws on these slippers.

GRRM put a "Winds of Winter" excerpt online. READYSETGO!

Star Trek fan whose dying wish was to see the latest installment, has died. Hold me.

Our Cylon overlords at Google made this fun Chrome app. I see stars.

Will the world's worst signature make it on our money? I can't stop staring at it...and it feels backwards, no? He has to be left handed. Sincerely, Oooooooo

Your pet is cute, but this is e'rething.

Behind the visual effects of The Avengers. Hulk butt!

Jack White and Conan chatting about stuff for 74 minutes and 29 seconds, nbd.

This robe. Well, crap. I have to wait 9 more months till my birthday.

Arkham Daycare is the reason I have cats.

List of hoaxes on Wikipedia. Hmm.

This GIF. But this one too.

Tetris cookies. Now I want a cookie :(.

Underground bacon. Swore I wouldn't post more bacon links (also, I'm a vegetarian) but this is new territory.

Why camera angles are important. I won't even tell you how many minutes I spent on this page trying to make my brain understand.

Tempting fate and trying my hand at a new series called: If You Have A Fear Of Heights, Definitely See This.

One giant step for the little people!

New trailer for the movie '42'. I had chills watching the new trailer. Can't wait for this one.

Winners of the 2012 National Geographic photo contest.

The best movie posters of 2012. I hadn't seen this Wreck-It-Ralph poster. It's perfect.

Star Wars taxidermy.

New York vs. Boston.

25 new albums to look forward to in 2013. Mmm.

What do you do when you want to retire a top secret aircraft that is so cutting edge that civilians keep mistaking it for a UFO?