I have a confession: all those games I was gonna play over break? Um, yeah. I played two and the rest are still sitting in a (growing) pile. It's all Borderlands 2' fault (and Lego LOTR) so I'm able to escape from this nearly guilt free. As if I had a choice.

Feels good to be back in the office rolling ouf of vacation-mode and getting back to business. We are just finishing up February's issue and I think you'll be pretty excited when you see it!


17 things your flight attendant won't tell you. "You know that coffee you ordered? It's actually decaf."

Best space photos from 2012.

Mr. Tea Rex needs more caffeine.

SI's 100 greatest sports photos. Ever.

Window cleaning the world's tallest building. If you have a fear of heights, definitely watch this.

Dance like nobody's watching, when in fact nobody is watching.

Are these the 10 best movie dragons? Ah hem, has anyone seen "How to Train Your Dragon?" I loved the dragons in that movie!

Inside Chernobyl's abandoned hospital. HDR gone wild, but I can get past that out of curiosity.

Nameco developing an upscale restaurant. Ohrly.

Ugly renaissance babies. I'm laughing at babies, whatever.

How to cut a pizza. Actuallllllllly...when it's just for me I often don't bother even cutting it. I mean, why dirty extra dishes?

The nice guys of Westeros. HODOR!

How to make the Toy Factory cocktail. This is such a great idea.

Did you guys know Eminem is apparently really good at Donkey Kong?

Beards change everything.

Gale-force winds IN THA FACE.

This 2013 calendar is delightful.

True or false: these book series' are so addictive you'll never want them to end.

365 days, 365 superheroes.

The neuroscience of pickpockets. I loved reading this. Fascinating.

Claw rings are now couture. *rollseyes*

Fringe poster changes dimensions from day to night.

Bender blender. Obviously.

Movie monster high-school yearbook.