Happy 12.21.12!

This may or may not be the final installment of links this year. It's gonna be pretty quiet around the office next week so it's likely I'll next see you in 2013. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and get to hunker down and game as much as I will ;).


Soundtrack to the end of the world. Sure, why not?

Autocorrect win. I made the mistake of reading these at work and I'm sure more than one person thought I was crying at my desk. And they were right, only they were tears of joy.

Video gaming's greatest 'staches. Can't. Stop. Watching.

This Back to the Future lego set is officially a thing.

Commodore 64 demos. Jeez, I can remember sitting in my friends' kitchens playing the Commodore 64. You know, before computers were a thing and they lived in your kitchen.

Parental gaming locks in the 80s. The alpha version of a sysadmin parent.

Your first look at Tom Hardy as Mad Max. Hands off ladies and gentlemen, I called dibs on this one ages ago.

TIME's person of the year, caught.

Hide yo wivez, there's a vampire on the loose.

Popular Mechanics makes 110 predictions for the next 110 years. Harder than it sounds.

DIY fire & ice.


Watch what happens to boiling water thrown off a balcony at -41 degrees C.

ECHOLAB sent a series of audio signals into space which caused phenomenal feedback from the Red planet.

Toy Story + Star Trek.

Finally, an answer to the age-old question of what does intestinal bacteria look like? I know this was bugging me for ages, how about you?

Winter is coming and so is this beer. Nerdboy mashup of the year.

Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte traveled to space and took some photos.

A collection of the best Disney GIFs the internet has to offer. I'm a sucker for animated GIFs, sue me.

China has just given the green light for a project to build a city from scratch.

Poor Stay Puft :(

Why we can't just nuke a hurricane, duh.

Here is a video of a spider weaving its web.

Original storyboards from Blade Runner.

A gigapixel image of Khumbu glacier near Mount Everest. Gig. Ah. Pix. El.

NASA reveals its new spacesuit. Uh...do you see what I see?

What's in that present under the tree?

What were the best and worst sci-fi/fantasy movies of 2012?

Another new trailer for Star Trek and I'll never stop linking to these cuz AWESOME!


And finally, the piece de resistance of gift ideas. You're welcome!