I've only got one thing on my brain today: HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT HOBBIT! 

Tonight I'm seeing the 3D version with a girlfriend, someone I've known through braces and mullets and crushing on the Nelson twins who won't judge me if I burst out into full tears after a beautiful moment. Plus they have bacon popcorn at this theater so she'll be happy & distracted no matter what. Wins all around.


12 things you might not know about Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit."

The inventor of the bar code died at the age of 91. There are some interesting nuggets in his obit, like that he designed a system for delivering elevator music but his dad wouldn't let him pursue that dream.

Dumb ways to die in video games. Been there, done it, done it, wasn't my fault, done it.

The Kingdom of Cypher. Epic Minecraftyness.

Middle Manager of Justice finally released on iOS. Feels like I've been waiting months for this. Months!

The iOS game Spaceteam was a huge hit in the office.

The worst headlines of 2012.

Original props from the Star Wars Trilogy are going on auction. Nobody tell Reiner!

But you can tell him about this: the business card holder you've waited your whole life for.

The photo accompanying this story cannot be unseen. You've been warned.

@SeinfeldToday. "George is self-conscious about still having a Blackberry. Jerry struggles with Fandango. Kramer grows a mustache."

The top 20 (worst?) memes of 2012. Shutup I lurve ermahgerd!

The top 7 ways we injured our genitalia this year. Heh, "mishaps".

If famous photos were self-portraits.

How to kiss according to Life magazine in 1942. GROSS!

Diplo's rider wins. "1983 Yak Face Star Wars Return of the Jedi Action Figure (New in Package)." 

A photo preview of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

What your favorite classic NES game says about you. I'm still trying to decide what my favorite NES game is, and so far I've narrowed it down to Tetris, Marble Madness, Super Mario Bros, SMB3, and The Adventures of Link.

The ancient Romans played D&D, clearly.

Angry Birds movie coming in 2016. So that's happening.

Tons of movie trailers made their debut this week

Gift ideas, good ones!