Finishing up January's issue for you this morning and I'm suuuuuuper excited but can't tell you why yet! In-between rebuilding code & refreshing pages I found you a picture of Jeremy Renner and grumpy cat to take my mind off Borderlands 2 sitting in my Xbox just waiting to be played. It's been ages since I've picked up a console FPS and, uh, expect an old-timer rusty curve. My weekend will be a lot of face time with Claptrap.


Perfect t-shirts to gift others/yourself for the holidays.

What's your favorite Bond car? Daniel Craig can drive me around in whatever he wants.

Can you name all 52 of these famous pop culture weapons?

Inside the Amazon warehouse. I don't even remember life before our Amazon overlords came into power.

The Grey Album, remastered. Stream or download it here. You're welcome.

I might as well just order one of these for everyone in the office: Star Wars, The Ultimate Action Figure Collection.

The ACME corporation Christmas catalog: partie un / partie deux.

How about some fresh Atari background art for your computer?

Cool Hunting's gift guide makes me covet stuff. I bought at least 3 things off this list this year. Best roundup I've seen.

Moment's of a programmer's life. It's funny cuz it's true :(.

Missle silo is now a bachelor pad. Yeahhhhh, I was expecting something a little more...Bond villain-esque?

Dear Andre the Giant, tell us what you think about Hulk Hogan...

Gift ideas for me. Or the LOTR fan in your life, whichever.

The 1965 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was f*ing terrifying.

Mlkshk popular. Time-waster of the day.

Best opening-credits moment ever. I've watched this at least 11 times already.

Horror movie daycare. No child left behind.

Alicia Keys sang the Gummi Bears theme song on Fallon. As soon as I get done making the dudes in the office watch the complete Ducktales tv series with me, I'm going to make them watch Gummi Bears with me.

NASA might be building a warp / FTL drive?!??!

Awkward RPG moment at a library. My life is basically a series of awkward moments.

Game of Thrones as Seinfeld.

27 everyday things you didn't know had a name. My ketchup is fancier than your ketchup.

Gift idea for her: does she love Mario? Christmas shopping done.

Behind the scenes of the "Skyfall" special effects.

How many people are in space right now?

This lamp tells you the weather by recreating it inside your house. Wait, what?

BadLipReading finally does Twilight. My week is complete.