Good news: it's alllllmost Thanksgiving!

Last night I picked up XCOM for the week ahead, because if I can't game over a long vacation weekend what's the point? I really struggled having to decide between Halo 4, Borderlands 2, Dishonoured, and XCOM (making adult decisions is HARD!) but in the end thought XCOM was the best choice for a post-Thanksgiving siesta on the couch and under a blanket, with a full belly.

We shall try to meet again next week: same time, same channel.


100,000 stars. Say goodbye to the next 5 minutes of your life.

Under headlines you won't see today, except for right here: get your Friday morning Hyrule-dubstep on. His free album with more like this comes out Monday.

How to carve a turkey (or chicken). This is my homework over the next few days. I can make the best vegetable dishes in the world but carving meat? Bleh.

Denmark gets a ski-dome? No fair!

The Infinite Jukebox makes your favorite songs last forever. This is perfect for my OCD, as I am one of those people that will listen to a song 20x in a row.

I have a date. Oldie but goodie. Season appropriate.

The best signs from The Simpsons.

Wuuuuuuut is happening here?!?

So, it has come to this. I'm going to work this into my 11:30 meeting.

Make your own snowflake. I wasn't gonna include this one, but my dude gamer friends were all sending me their snowflakes so I guess it's officially a hit!

Bacon scarf. Amazing.

Star Trek translators a real thing?

Your fun weekend project: balloon rocket.

Louis C.K. has another special in the works.

Great American leaders on dinosaurs. Paging Cork.

The most disturbing Twilight merch of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Satanic toaster. 1984 was the BEST.

R2D2 engagement ring. I bow down to his commitment to the design process.

Does Brad Bird's (Mission Impossible 4, The Incredibles) mysterious new sci-fi movie star George Clooney as Nikola Tesla? One can only hope!

Who'd win a fight between Game of Thrones & LOTR chars? I can't believe we are even talking about this when the answer is so obvious.

Speaking of Game of Thrones: Season 3 has a release date. Mark your calendars.

A lovely photo.

Best of #nanowrimo. This was 10x funnier than I thought it was gonna be.

Oxford dictionary word of the year: GIF. What's a quick & easy way to make me break out in hives, you've always wondered? Watching endless news coverage this week where reporters keep calling it a "jiff". @*#$&!!!

Trying to figure out how to put this kicka$$ sweater on my christmas list. I would own that look.

Motortrend's 2013 Car of the Year.

ESPN hosts drop "The Princess Bride" quotes all night long.

Man finds his doppleganger ... in an art museum?