A sudden surge of work means you're getting this list unedited, but with at least a few halloween costume ideas. That's just the kind of giving linkblogger I am.


Warner Bros. aiming for a summer 2015 Justice League movie.

Toy-splosions. Bronies might want to avert their eyes.

Space shuttle Endeavor's trek through L.A.

The most wonderfully ridiculous movie computers of all time. 

Fill in the blank: David Lynch used to drink ______ cups of coffee a day.

Moonrise Kingdom is out on DVD. Could be my weekend movie.

You know that photo at the end of "The Shining"? Apparently it's a real thing.

I love this chainmail cellphone case.

The full-scale Millenium Falcon Project.

Aurora over white-dome geyser. Science is so cool.

And the awards for the 10 most annoying sounds go to...

The best dinosaur sand sculpture you'll see all day.

Halloween costume idea: Essential zombie hunter kit.

Halloween costume idea: this magical creepy unicorn mask can be yours for under $30. Needs more blood.

Halloween costume idea: R2D2 hoodie.

Halloween costume idea: Goldilocks and the 3 bears. (Am I the only one who thinks this would be better as zombie bears?!)

Adorable walking dead figures, complete with blood splatter.

A treasure trove of awesome old school star wars costumes.

Real-life Tron.

Now, don't jump to conclusions about the contents of this link until you click on it: Coldplay's new video for "Mylo Xyloto" is a comic strip.

It's my birthday in a few days, and if any of you are wondering what to get me...

First came "Shaun of the Dead," and then "Hot Fuzz." Here comes the third installment in Edgar Wright's "Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy."