I got a little carried away bookmarking stuff for this week's list. So while the Eye of Sauron manicure ended up on the cutting room floor, the My Little Ponies stage show stayed in for no reasons based in reality.

Grab a cup of coffee and some headphones, there's a whole lotta video to take in.


Nintendo games that ruined friendships. I murdered so many friends in #1 it would be criminal to tell you.

Borderlands 2 cake. My friends all know my birthday is in a week, I hope they do the right thing.

Sick of boring old sleepovers? Why not try an overnight werewolf hunt?

The real reason that snotty cave troll with a cold was cranky in LOTR.

This video of a kid with the world's shortest attention span is perfect for people with short attention spans.

OSU marching band plays tribute to classic videogames at halftime show.

My Little Ponies go to a fan convention.

The Simpsons opening IRL, with real people.

David Fincher's trying to Kickstart a 'Goon' movie. Mobsters?! Zombies?! Killer robots?! Demon priests?!

This Onion video about a WoW sequel is a classic. An oldie but goodie. If this hasn't been in your life until now, my day will be complete.

This video of XCOM's lead designer hustling his game is perfect.

Please tell me you didn't miss the video of Ben Reeves asking around about the Wii U.

Pixar's latest short: Partysaurus Rex.

Star Trek posters for each episode from the original series. In unrelated news, Trekkie Dating is a real thing.

"Star Wars" opening weekend in 1977. Just look at hipster in the last photo!

Yoda terrarium. My cats would eat Yoda as a snack.

Batman plushie slippers.

Pixel rings. Bright shiny things!