So, hi!

As one of the newer members of the crew I thought it was high time to finally introduce myself. I'm a web designer/programmer here at GI:HQ working behind-the-scenes on a variety of projects (but mostly on the iPad edition of the magazine). I almost always play a thief in MMOs, am seriously considering a Wii U (by justifying that my friend's neighbor's dog's cousin's brother's kids would totally be into coming over and getting use out of it, too), and like long walks on the beach (not really).

In my perfect world I'd spend more time gaming and, you know, writing up some review or another about my latest obsession (Guild Wars 2 and 10000000). Until I find that time, I'm capable of stuff like link round-ups. Who doesn't love a good link?! I'll try to keep them gaming-related but, well, the internet has far too much awesome to be contained. This will be a jumble of all kinds of things.

Nice to meet you all.


1. 10000000. My current iPad game obsession.

2. Kingdom Rush. The obsession before the obsession (how is it possible I heard about this one, oh I don't know, JUST ONE YEAR LATE!?!). 

3. Ostrich pillow. The eff? At first I thought the photo of the guy in the airport would transform into a photo of the guy in the airport after being stripped of his lunch money and stuffed in a locker, but apparently this is for real. [... stay with me for a second: there are worse solutions for handheld gaming in bright spaces, I mean, right?]

4. Did blowing into Nintendo cartridges really help? Ah hem. After conducting years of independent research I can confidently declare YES.

5. A couple new backgrounds for your computer.

6. What kind of underwear does batman wear? You know that bat-suit has some custom magic going on.

7. Mario Goes Berserk. This is how I felt the first time I got to the end of 3-4, too.


9. How to explain Game of Thrones / Doctor Who / Downton Abbey to god and everyone.