Being a huge player of Super Meat Boy, and having just watched Indie Game: The Movie, I bought this collection the second I saw it in the Steam store. The game cost me roughly $2.50, a price that had been marked down from its original $4. Essentially, the game is a nicely packaged collection of flash games designed by Edmund McMillen (creator of Super Meat Boy).


I was quickly impressed by the cost of the game. The original Meat Boy on its own could cost as much as I paid for the whole collection and I would’ve bought it. The overall presentation of the collection is very whimsical and delightful, especially for those that enjoy McMillen’s dark and sometimes grotesque sense of humor. What some of the games may be lacking in terms of content or overall quality is easily made up for by the great bonus features packed into the game. These include, but are not limited to: character sketches, early prototypes, and even deleted scenes from Indie Game: The Movie.



Lastly, the games keep you hooked even longer if you’re an achievement hunter. All of the Steam achievements seem challenging but feasible, and at the end of the road stands the impressive “100% The Basement Collection” achievement. Unfortunately, I had to give up on it, since I have other games waiting to be played. One day, maybe.



I recommend this game to players that can admire video games as an art form, like to collect games, enjoy Super Meat Boy, or that are bored and have four bucks lying around.