Something I like to do when I'm tired of listening to metal and video game music independently is listen to 8-bit metal. Surfing YouTube you can find an 8-bit version of nearly everything you've ever heard in your entire life. Don't believe me? Here's an 8-bit version of the Family Matters theme song. Yeah, I told you so. And you thought getting the regular Family Matters theme out of your head was hard. Anyway, something I inevitably do while listening to simplified, NES-esque (NESque?) versions of these songs is to imagine what games, or more specifically, what moments in games they would accompany. Join me, if you will, on this aural adventure.

Song: "...And Justice For All" off ...And Justice For All by Metallica

Track: "...And Justice For All 8-bit version" by Youtube user kttazzy.

Everything I hear here belongs in an old school RPG. The classical-style introduction reminds me of an RPG hero approaching the king for the first time. It's so regal and dignified, but there's a dark menace lurking behind it that builds throughout the song.

Around the 1:22 mark the track breaks down into full blown boss music. You've reached the end of the game, and just discovered the king is actually the DARK DEMON LORD. The driving drums and aggressive rhythm keeps you on edge, thumbing through magic spell menus trying to destroy the newly revealed menace.

Around the 5:00 mark we hear a break in the song. You've defeated the king's human form, but this was but a mere vessel for the DARK DEMON LORD, who now appears in his true form. Imagine green scales, bat wings, some fangs, and three or four red eyes. Also, you're fighting on a meteor.

At 6:23 we hear a return to the king's theme from the introduction, but it's accompanied by a darker melody and building beat. I imagine the last flicker of life leaving the king's eyes before the DARK DEMON LORD eventually does one of those cheap boss maneuvers. You know, where you encounter the main bad guy way too early in the game and can merely watch as he runs away. But not before giving an overblown monologue about how by destroying the world he's actually doing the world a favor.

Anyway, that's my take. I want to know what you hear.